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President – Healthcare/Medical Services Continuing Education – Private Equity Growth, 78672

Our client is a well-established organization within their sector of the continuing education space in healthcare/medical services, currently in a rapid growth phase under private equity sponsorship.  Having doubled in size through the pandemic years through strategic organic growth initiatives, they are poised to continue this trajectory and are seeking a leader to drive sustainability long-term. Much of their growth has been attributed to a shift to online learning and it is a competitive advantage that they are looking to continue to expand on moving forward. ...more

Orlando, FL

Chief Financial Officer – Human Capital Staffing Services – Private Equity, 78690

Our client is a well-established and growing middle-market technology services enterprise with an expanding international reach underpinned by a burgeoning managed services. The enterprise is in rapid-growth mode with a robust pipeline of leading-edge solution offerings attracting new clientele and expanding existing customer wallet-share. Under the direction of a growth-focused private equity sponsor the business is undertaking ambitious acquisitive and organic growth strategies. ...more

Orlando, FL

CFO – Multi-Location Hospitality Management – Private Equity, 78688

Our client is a private equity sponsor with nearly $1B in assets under management and is currently invested in an innovative and unique, multi-location hospitality asset management enterprise with a regional presence across the eastern half of the US. The company is growing through a targeted acquisition strategy, as well as discipline organic growth and is on a strong upward trajectory. ...more

Queens, NY; Fort Lauderdale, FL

Chief Financial Officer – Construction Services – Private Equity, 78684

Our client is a lower middle-market private equity sponsored construction services business with a strong history of serving commercial, industrial and residential customers with new installation, repair and maintenance services. This highly functional organization focuses on strong company culture through the development of strong relationships with employees, customers and business partners. The company has ambitious plans to grow its geographical footprint through organic and acquisitive means. ...more

Augusta, GA

Chief Executive Officer- Highly Engineered, Innovative Capital Equipment - Private Equity, 78682

Our client is a lower middle-market innovator of specialty capital equipment for the life sciences, medical device and healthcare product sectors.  They are recognized as a long-standing leader within their space and are partnering with a leading private equity sponsor to take the business through a significant phase of growth as the business delivers creative new solution product lines to open and serve new markets. ...more

Boston, MA

Chief Executive Officer – Middle Market Industrial Manufacturing - Private Equity, 78686

Our client is a successful and growing West Coast based design intensive industrial manufacturing business serving the Tier 1 aerospace and defence, and highly engineered medical device sectors. This private equity sponsored middle market business is well positioned to continue delivering innovative products into competitive industry markets and anticipates vigorous growth through organic and acquisitive means with a focus on market penetration and product innovation. ...more

Portland, OR

CEO - Leading Heavy Equipment Manufacturer-Growth and Expansion-78459

Our client is an industry leader in the heavy equipment/ off-road equipment sector with a history of product innovation and customer satisfaction. They are presently seeking an experienced and driven President with a proven track record of driving successful strategies that support growth and innovation. ...more

Duluth, MN

Chief Executive Officer – Commercial/ Consumer Products, Private Equity, 78524

Our client is a dynamic middle-market designer and manufacturer of specialty Consumer and Commercial products sold through a broad array of go-to-market channels. They have a market-leading reputation for bringing innovative, sought-after products to the market through a combination of in-house manufacturing and products sourced through a network of international vendors. ...more

San Diego, CA

Board Member – Autism Healthcare Services – Private Equity sponsored, 78580

Our client is highly entrepreneurial, multi-site behavioral healthcare services business sponsored by a growth-focused middle-market private equity investor. We are seeking a Board Executive with ABA experience at the C-suite level to help nurture the company through a period of sustained growth.  Our client has an ambitious plan to transform the geographic footprint of the business from an operator at the state level to a regional entity. Plans are to enhance the platform via a series of acquisition transactions complemented with targeted de novo openings. ...more

Phoenix, AZ

Food Manufacturing COO – Private Equity – Rapid Growth, 78591

Our client is a well-established food manufacturer with a very successful portfolio of branded and private label solutions. They boast strong category dominance in their specialty food categories and work with major partners across North America with whom they have developed deep and long-term partnerships. The company has achieved significant growth under the direction of their current private equity sponsor and intends to continue with this growth trajectory before leading the business through a successful exit strategy. ...more

Pittsburgh, PA